Season Package

30 days of Digital Marketing campaigns.
Full package description below.


Package Description

    1. We’ll call you and make some questions in order to understand your business and goals. It will take up to 45 minutes, but it’s totally worth it.
    2. Then we’ll do a deep research about your market and business segment, seeking competitors and their marketing strategies, as well as effectiveness.
    3. Our marketing department will find the right strategy and the perfect words to attract new clients to your business.
    4. A great team of writers will review and/or fix every little detail.
    5. We will find and pay for the rights of the proper images to communicate and convey the right message for your audience.
    6. Our Graphic Design Department will work on creating the best campaign.
    7. Certified experts will configure Facebook and/or Google Ad campaigns.
    8. High tech gurus will build landing pages, specially tailored for each campaign. (The landing pages will be built in our server and platform. We don’t need access to your website).
    9. IP phone lines will be bought, one for each landing page, in order to track response for each campaign and assure that we find out where each contact come from.
    10. We will connect tracking devices for each campaign, landing and calls so we get all metrics.
    11. Once everything is ready, we will contact you to review each aspect of the campaign and get your approval to launch the campaign.
    12. By then, we will recommend the advertising budget that you should invest and you have to provide funds for that amount to launch the campaign. Most cases this investment is about $500 USD, but it could be lower or higher depending on the segment you are competing for.
    13. After launching the campaign, every time that we engage a new lead through advertising and the landing pages, we will receive a phone call and we will answer immediately, but if they send a form contact, we will get an e-mail and we will return a phone call in less than 5 seconds.
    14. We will answer politely, nicely, but with great selling skills by our well trained contact center operators and we will secure that lead.
    15. Seconds away from getting a call you will get a SMS message with the name, e-mail, phone number and a description of what that lead is looking for, so you can return the call in the period of time that is convenient for you. We recommend to do it ASAP!.
    16. You will also get that lead in duplicate to your e-mail account.


This package includes the service for 30 days, accounted from the day that the campaign is launched.

The package includes 250 contacts. It doesn’t matter how long each call takes.

We don’t consider soliciting or robocalls as a contact and will not deduct those from your paid package.

After 250 contacts/calls, you will be asked to buy as many calls as you think you will need, at 80 cents por contact.

There is no obligation for renewal of this service. We know that if you like our service and the results, you’ll want to stay with us and we will make sure that you feel happy of having us as your Digital Marketing Agency for many years to come.

We won’t rest until you become one of our success stories.